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  1. Photo of Peter Lindmark

    Peter Lindmark Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Jesper Kärrbrink

    Jesper Kärrbrink Screenplay

  3. Photo of Håkan Ramsin

    Håkan Ramsin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mads Mikkelsen

    Mads Mikkelsen Cast

  5. Photo of Alexander Skarsgård

    Alexander Skarsgård Cast

  6. Photo of Samuel Fröler

    Samuel Fröler Cast

  7. Photo of Kirsti Eline Torhaug

    Kirsti Eline Torhaug Cast

  8. Photo of Börje Ahlstedt

    Börje Ahlstedt Cast

  9. Photo of Kristina Törnqvist

    Kristina Törnqvist Cast

  10. Photo of Johan Rabaeus

    Johan Rabaeus Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Langhammer

    Maria Langhammer Cast

  12. Photo of Henrik Norlén

    Henrik Norlén Cast

  13. Photo of Johanna Dickson

    Johanna Dickson Cast

  14. Photo of Henrik Noél Olesen

    Henrik Noél Olesen Cast

  15. Photo of Hassan Brijany

    Hassan Brijany Cast

  16. Photo of Eric Maddison

    Eric Maddison Cinematography

  17. Photo of Johan Söderqvist

    Johan Söderqvist Music

  18. Photo of Mårten Eriksson

    Mårten Eriksson Production Design

  19. Photo of Steve Aalam

    Steve Aalam Producer

  20. Photo of Thomas Allercrantz

    Thomas Allercrantz Producer

  21. Photo of Daniel Collert

    Daniel Collert Producer

  22. Photo of Sten Johansson

    Sten Johansson Producer

  23. Photo of Thomas Lagerman

    Thomas Lagerman Editing