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  1. Tolga Yaz's rating of the film Farewell

  2. Doris's rating of the film Farewell

    I don't think I would recommend this film with too much excitement - even though I thought Kusturica fit the role pretty well.

  3. abrahamgbj's rating of the film Farewell

    Mais les enfants du loup se jouaient en silence

  4. Mikhael Tarigan's rating of the film Farewell

    I don't mind watching Guillaume Canet for almost two hours. Plus the score is by Clint Mansell.

  5. HKFanatic's rating of the film Farewell

    A low-frills espionage thriller that struggles to balance an international cast - the scenes in English come across as stilted and entirely bizarre. The screenplay does an admirable job of juxtaposing Cold War intrigue with domestic drama. But the brief flashes of inspired cinematography and music are just that, brief flashes, with the rest of the film committing the sin of being merely watchable.

  6. manybits's rating of the film Farewell

    I will never get tired of watching cinematic depiction of the USSR implosion in the 1980s. It's one of those Grand Narratives (sorry, Lyotard, you did not age well) that make you feel hopeful and optimistic about the future.

  7. Sue Denim's rating of the film Farewell

    I suppose it wanted to be too much. It was good but not great.

  8. Eduardo A.'s rating of the film Farewell

    Well, "Nothing special in any department" - true, but I liked it very much. An impartial storytelling in which Kusturica surprised me with his performance. Somehow he managed to fit perfectly the role, as someone said before. In a nutshell, this is a "soft-script-based-film", for this is a film that lacks some personality, I think. Anyway, interesting enough to be watched a second time.

  9. vordven's rating of the film Farewell

  10. Zachary Curl's rating of the film Farewell

    i really enjoyed this movie. i just got back from my local theater that was showing it and i was very into it. i thought there was a good selection of music to add to the whole experience, and to paraphrase my local City Paper's review of this movie, it cared very much about the relationships in this film. the relationships between husbands and wives, as well as fathers and sons. i really liked that about this.

  11. CJ Roy's rating of the film Farewell

    I'm probably going to forget this movie by tomorrow. Nothing special in any department, it manages to make the Cold War rather uninteresting.

  12. Joshua Dysart's rating of the film Farewell

    Nice Cold War fable, but far less interesting than the historical truth of the situation.

  13. britney spears's rating of the film Farewell

    The film through out had a very good sense of danger, even when a husband is kissing his wife, you fear the KGB might kick open the door. As expected, Canet is easy to empathize with as the rest of the cast was practically as good. I thought for a moment "igor" was Mick Jagger. I think if music had a bigger role in this film, it coulda risen past its current rating as "Very good".

  14. deltics's rating of the film Farewell

    Like "Spies Like Us", the protagonists in this Cold War thriller are ordinary, every-day folk, not Bond or Bourne. Unlike the Chevy Chase/Dan Akroyd outing however, this film is deadly serious. Thought provoking, touching, inspiring, moving and shocking, the movie still finds time to reward the audience with deft cinematic touches that perhaps do not add to the subject matter but neither do they detract from it.