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  1. lbunuel's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    I agree with this more than I like it - but there's something going on here on a deeper level than that of pure information. Haven't seen more of Raoul Peck to get what it is.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    An eye-opening look at the political scheming and selfishness that ensured slow progress in the rebuilding of Haiti after a devastating 2010 earthquake, director Raoul Peck shows a lot of pertinent moments and sequences, although things could have been presented in a better way for those less familiar with the situation, and less familiar with the people involved.

  3. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    It is a very complex and at times hard-to-follow story of a collective failure but told in the most sincere way. It is devastating to see that prejudice exists within humanitarian organisation. This and the fact that donors expect quick and visible results really discredit the existence of world coordinated aid.

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    Very depressing, very well manufactured, very important story to be told that mostly nobody can tell. Peck excels in exposing the madness of the emergency aid system that distrusts the helped and mixes foreign policy and human decency as well as the inefficiencies of the NGO system, sometimes accused to be used as a tool of disempowerment of the local actors.

  5. SiIencio's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    A rare critical view of international relief aid and the role international institutions often play in rebuilding staggered communities. The film raises important questions and emphatically highlights the dilemmas surrounding assistance after devastating events. Peck helps us to demythify the innocent chimera of selfless aid as it is often portrayed and seems to ponder on a truth that reflects quite the opposite.

  6. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    "The dictatorship of aid is violent, arbitrary, blind, impregnated with itself; a paternalistic monster that destroys everything in its path. It pretends to solve problems from which it, in fact, benefits." Who will save them from their saviour?

  7. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    Behind the humanitarian scenes of international help. A harsh but sincere look from a Haitian director. "Even in mourning equality does not exist." How true and how sad it is.

  8. Knickerson's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    Insightful look at the failures of the post-earthquake reconstruction of Haiti.

  9. panagiotatos's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

  10. captainfez's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

  11. Joao Francisco Figueira's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    great doc! congratulations to the director for the insight!

  12. Ali C's rating of the film Fatal Assistance

    Perfect to undertand the perversity of the international help... A great director, and a fantastic documentary, we've still many hopes for this beautiful country in the future! Haiti to people!