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  1. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Fear Me Not

    Gerilim dozunu tutarlı bir biçimde ayarlamış, aile gerilimi olduğu kadar da insan psikolojisinin derinliklerine dalan bir Danimarka filmi. Başlarda Lars Von Trier aracılığıyla Dogma 95 akımıyla tanışmıştım. Dogma 95 akımının öncülerinden biri olarak kabul edilen Kristian Levring ile bir kez daha bu akımla karşılaşmış oldum. Film akıcı değildi fakat filmin soğukluğunu içimde hisseden seyircilerden biriydim..

  2. Pelin's rating of the film Fear Me Not

    gerilim filmi olarak çok iyiydi...çıkarılacak ya da eklenecek tek bir sahne bile yok...

  3. Ben Dooley's rating of the film Fear Me Not

    A Danish reworking of Nic Ray’s Bigger than Life, in which a man takes time off from work and joins a trial for a new depression drug which transforms him for the worse. Ulrich Thomsen gives an excellent naturalistic performance that grounds this Jekyll-Hyde psychological thriller, paired well with Paprika Steen (as in Festen). It avoids this genre's typical sensationalism and sexism - and has a powerful twist too...

  4. Dizzydent's rating of the film Fear Me Not

    I'll watch just about anything starring Ulrich Thomsen and of course he's perfect for this restrained and slow-burning psychological thriller that never resorts to cheap sudden thrills.

  5. mohammad saeed ahmadi's rating of the film Fear Me Not

  6. Valu2009's rating of the film Fear Me Not

    a little surprise. there's always something wrong lurking under the surface of the perfect family model...and Ulrich Thomsen is perfect in his mono-expression, cold as a brick of ice. this movie has a couple of moments really strong, maybe sometimes the rhythm is a little too slow paced but it contributes to build tension for sure.