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  1. misspanurge's rating of the film Felon

  2. Z's rating of the film Felon

    A compact, authoritative, mean and hard hitting, dramatic thriller. This movie seemed to fly under the commercial and critical radar which is a shame. Stephen Dorff, Harold Perrineau and Marisol Nichols all do great, emotional work that always comes from a place of realism and truth. However, Val Kilmer is the true standout of this production, giving a performance of soulful, powerful, charismatic intensity. Sleeper.

  3. SaRa RamaDan's rating of the film Felon

  4. Zach Closs's rating of the film Felon

    An emotionally-winning, overlooked gem of a character study; oozes gritty, guerrilla, low-budget charm, with a fine central performance from the ever-underrated Dorff and a phenomenal supporting turn from Val Kilmer.