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  1. Photo of David M. Robertson

    David M. Robertson Director

  2. Photo of Barry Pearson

    Barry Pearson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Hurley

    Maurice Hurley Screenplay

  4. Photo of Biff McGuire

    Biff McGuire Screenplay

  5. Photo of Darren McGavin

    Darren McGavin Cast

  6. Photo of Doug McClure

    Doug McClure Cast

  7. Photo of George Touliatos

    George Touliatos Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Wisden

    Robert Wisden Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Beth Rubens

    Mary Beth Rubens Cast

  10. Photo of Barbara Williams

    Barbara Williams Cast

  11. Photo of Alex Diakun

    Alex Diakun Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Fresco

    Robert Fresco Cinematography

  13. Photo of Paul Hoffert

    Paul Hoffert Music

  14. Photo of Lawrence Shragge

    Lawrence Shragge Music

  15. Photo of Richard Hudolin

    Richard Hudolin Production Design

  16. Photo of Glenn Ludlow

    Glenn Ludlow Producer

  17. Photo of Merritt White

    Merritt White Producer

  18. Photo of Harold Sobel

    Harold Sobel Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Michael MacLaverty

    Michael MacLaverty Editing

  20. Photo of Wendy Partridge

    Wendy Partridge Costume Design