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  1. Photo of Manoel de Oliveira

    Manoel de Oliveira Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Agustina Bessa-Luís

    Agustina Bessa-Luís Screenplay

  3. Photo of Teresa Menezes

    Teresa Menezes Cast

  4. Photo of Diogo Dória

    Diogo Dória Cast

  5. Photo of Mário Barroso

    Mário Barroso Cast

  6. Photo of Nuno Carinhas

    Nuno Carinhas Cast

  7. Photo of Manuela de Freitas

    Manuela de Freitas Cast

  8. Photo of Glória de Matos

    Glória de Matos Cast

  9. Photo of Alexandre Melo

    Alexandre Melo Cast

  10. Photo of Lia Gama

    Lia Gama Cast

  11. Photo of João Guedes

    João Guedes Cast

  12. Photo of Cecília Guimarães

    Cecília Guimarães Cast

  13. Photo of Adelaide João

    Adelaide João Cast

  14. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  15. Photo of Rui Mendes

    Rui Mendes Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Caldeira Pires

    Antonio Caldeira Pires Cast

  17. Photo of Sílvia Rato

    Sílvia Rato Cast

  18. Photo of Paulo Rocha

    Paulo Rocha Cast

  19. Photo of Eduardo Viana

    Eduardo Viana Cast

  20. Photo of José Wallenstein

    José Wallenstein Cast

  21. Photo of João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida)

    João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida) Cast

  22. Photo of Elso Roque

    Elso Roque Cinematography

  23. Photo of João Paes

    João Paes Music

  24. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Executive Producer and Producer

  25. Photo of António-Pedro Vasconcelos

    António-Pedro Vasconcelos Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Monique Rutler

    Monique Rutler Editing

  27. Photo of Jean-Paul Mugel

    Jean-Paul Mugel Sound

  28. Photo of Joaquim Pedro Jacobetty

    Joaquim Pedro Jacobetty Sound