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  1. Dimitris Jb's rating of the film Frantz

    went in for a snooze but was caught by surprise

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Frantz

    To the victor go the spoils, which in this case is a very lovely German woman. The law of the caveman says: I kill your husband and you come with me. Only it's modernized. He just wants forgiveness, which isn't very manly, but very Christian of him. It seems like she talks herself into wanting him, given all the bad choices around her. I particularly liked that everything was understated. Ozon is a master.

  3. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Frantz

    Guilt, regret, forgiveness, reconciliation, nationalism, love, death – Ozon’s film doesn’t shy away from big themes. And like a great script writer should, Ozon weaves them all around two main characters, or should I say just one main character, that is Anna, beautifully portrayed by Paula Beer (can’t wait to see her next film). Emotional, melancholic, tragic, very humane.

  4. Justwibi's rating of the film Frantz

    dramatic in elegant and emotional way. one of my favorite this year. twisty but not cheesy. soapy but not silly,

  5. bitterMoo's rating of the film Frantz

    Ozon elegant and so very beautiful

  6. Loz Loory's rating of the film Frantz

    3.5 Gorgeous cinematography. Could easily be trimmed by 20 minutes. Audience is way ahead of plot in first part, as so many clues Adrien is not telling the truth. Then it takes an interminable amount of time for Ana to go away. Grateful for the non-storybook ending, and for the vision of an unmarried woman able to exist on her own.

  7. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Frantz

    Formidable! This is about how nationalism ruins individuals, families & societies. And about the toll that war takes on winners & losers, survivors & victims. For a long time I wrongly thought this is also about homosexuality. The first half is stronger than the second; but nonetheless overall it is a powerful movie; elegant, calm, wistful and full of beauty. I could feel the pain, regrets, sorrows.. 4,5 stars.

  8. nematomaranka's rating of the film Frantz

  9. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film Frantz

    oddly enough, the ending took me by surprise

  10. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Frantz

    Intense. Austère. D'un grand classicisme et en même temps parfaitement surprenant, Ozon livre un film de deuil, de mensonge et d'amour, un mélo tout en retenu et presque suranné... et qui pourtant étonne par sa délicatesse à mesure qu'il progresse. Reste qu'on a l'impression d'un exercice de style, qui demeure très froid. distant... presque désincarné. Ozon est le cinéaste des grands écarts.

  11. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Frantz

    This film achieves maximum impact through subtlety Like a great book there are many reversals and one of the more Interesting uses of color in a long time to make the characters real and immediate to us.

  12. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film Frantz

    I am usually not a big fan of François Ozon but have to admit this film is really good and a beautiful way to speak about reconciliation and forgiveness within Europe. Set after the first world war a French man travels to Germany and spends some time on the tomb of a fallen German soldier. This mystery - why he is doing this in a rather hostile environment - slowly enfolds but never quite the expected way.

  13. Renton47's rating of the film Frantz

    I kept thinking Frantz felt like a reserved version of some great 30's drama - not surprised to find that is the case. Reserved occasionally to the point of blandness, but always with an astute compassion for emotions in a reserved climate. Its gentle humanism lifted by some affecting twists and excellent rhythm (esp. first section), and a reminder that honesty can be a selfish act.

  14. Mohammad Ebrahimian's rating of the film Frantz

  15. Michel's rating of the film Frantz

    It starts interestingly enough as an exploration of grief, identity and guilt but quickly devolves into a kinda dull unrequited love story.

  16. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Frantz

    Another fascinating screenplay and a well-directed film by Ozon. Very, very delightful photography and editing of color vs b/w. Actress Paula Beer is remarkable, recalling the late Romy Schneider in parts.

  17. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Frantz

    Excellent film. I'm not sure how else to phrase it.

  18. Echydo's rating of the film Frantz

    2.5 - I expected a lot from Ozon whom I have great respect for but what a let down! Despite a promising premise it was mindnumbingly safe, controlled and predictable until the very end. The silver linings: Paula Beer, the occasional magnificent shot, Paula Beer, the joy of discussing storyline what-ifs after having seen the film, and Paula Beer.

  19. msmichel's rating of the film Frantz

    Ozon delivers a post WWI tale of reconciliation, mourning, lies, hope and compromise. Gorgeously shot by d.p. Pascal Marti and wonderfully acted by leads Pierre Niney and Paula Beer this elegant and moving film deserves discovering. Also of note is a great turn by Ernst Stotzner as a German doctor well aware where the fault of war lies. Ozon's filmography entertains many genres and this ranks amongst his best.

  20. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Frantz

    Even with a couple of awkward moments, “Frantz” provides substantial cinematic pleasure. (3.5 stars)

  21. Meriç Aksu's rating of the film Frantz

  22. L'immoralistee's rating of the film Frantz

  23. Gabriel Sica's rating of the film Frantz

  24. Emil Kurjak's rating of the film Frantz

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