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  1. Photo of Joseph Zito

    Joseph Zito Director

  2. Photo of Barney Cohen

    Barney Cohen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruce Hidemi Sakow

    Bruce Hidemi Sakow Screenplay

  4. Photo of Martin Kitrosser

    Martin Kitrosser Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ron Kurz

    Ron Kurz Screenplay

  6. Photo of Victor Miller

    Victor Miller Screenplay

  7. Photo of Carol Watson

    Carol Watson Screenplay

  8. Photo of Kimberly Beck

    Kimberly Beck Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Barton

    Peter Barton Cast

  10. Photo of Corey Feldman

    Corey Feldman Cast

  11. Photo of Erich Anderson

    Erich Anderson Cast

  12. Photo of Crispin Glover

    Crispin Glover Cast

  13. Photo of Clyde Hayes

    Clyde Hayes Cast

  14. Photo of Barbara Howard

    Barbara Howard Cast

  15. Photo of Lawrence Monoson

    Lawrence Monoson Cast

  16. Photo of Joan Freeman

    Joan Freeman Cast

  17. Photo of Judie Aronson

    Judie Aronson Cast

  18. Photo of Ted White

    Ted White Cast

  19. Photo of Ari Lehman

    Ari Lehman Cast

  20. Photo of João Fernandes

    João Fernandes Cinematography

  21. Photo of Harry Manfredini

    Harry Manfredini Music

  22. Photo of Shelton H. Bishop

    Shelton H. Bishop Production Design

  23. Photo of Frank Mancuso Jr.

    Frank Mancuso Jr. Producer

  24. Photo of Robert M. Barsamain

    Robert M. Barsamain Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Lisa Barsamian

    Lisa Barsamian Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Joel Goodman

    Joel Goodman Editing

  27. Photo of Daniel Loewenthal

    Daniel Loewenthal Editing