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8,574 Ratings

Funny Games

Directed by Michael Haneke
Austria, 1997
Horror, Thriller, Cult


An affluent couple and their child arrive at their lakeside vacation home. Settling into their holiday routine, the family is visited by a pair of clean-cut young men in tennis whites, who inexplicably turn ruthless and brutal.

Our take

Before Caché and Amour, the controversial Michael Haneke made waves with this cult horror film: a ruthlessly clever, shocking, diabolical game—at once played by the characters, the director, and the viewer—that picks apart the genre at the same time it terrifies the audience.

Funny Games Directed by Michael Haneke

What are people saying?

  • There Will Be Josh Schasny's rating of the film Funny Games

    A cathartic experience in what you can and cannot see. This film points and laughs at you for expecting something to satisfy your sick bloodlust for violence in film. And, like a disappointed grandfather, Haneke smacks you upside the head for being so obtuse. The audience's inclusion in the carnage is unavoidable and leaves you with a dark feeling, leaving no satisfaction, and the last laugh goes straight to Haneke.

  • Renan Lazzarin's rating of the film Funny Games

    This violent critique of violence is one of the most suprising movies ever. Haneke delivers a screenplay that is sadistic and intelligent at the same degree and toys with our expectations every single moment. Arno Frisch has a tour-de-force performance with his alluring Paul, the immediate successor to Alex DeLarge. As the fourth wall is broken, we have to confront either our morals or our attraction towards him.

  • Matt Barnhill's rating of the film Funny Games

    One of the more horrifying movies I've seen. Also one of the most frustrating but ultimately Haneke succeeds at making the audience the victim and indicting the viewer as part of the crime for watching it happen. I wouldn't say it is enjoyable, but it is definitely an interesting experience.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Funny Games

    I still cannot understand how the great Michael Haneke could have made this dumb home-invasion film. See Haneke's greatest film, "The Piano Teacher", not this regurgitated American product. Are there 2 versions of this film? I saw the one with Michael Pitt. It was the pits.

  • chanandre's rating of the film Funny Games

    [Cinémathèque PT #506: 35 mm] (2007)>(2017)Twenty Y e a r s old (20!!!) He made THE definite anti-Tarantino movie. And he only needed one film to do that. This Placebo song seems oh so perfect and seems to have been made to celebrate this momentous piece of cinema>'Twenty Years': ♪ There are twenty years to go/ the best of all I hope/ enjoy the ride/ the medicine show/ And thems the breaks/ for we designer fakes

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Funny Games

    The least appealing Michael Haneke's film I've seen. It starts rather strong but then it reveals itself as a mockery of horror/thriller genre and questions the drive behind violence in cinema (at least that's what I think) involving the audience - the actors keep talking to the camera towards the end. Well, it should come as no surprise - after all, we evolved among violence, films can be a way to channel some of it.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film Funny Games

    Although I would have liked to have watched the original before the remake, it is good that I waited a decade to watch it now, after seeing earlier films like The Castle and Benny's Video and meeting the cast. Just absolutely brilliant. The fucking eggs.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Funny Games

    'Auschwitz' redux: Such is, regrettablly, the inscrutability of evil that Haneke's admittedly well-made film aims to affirm. Attacking the realm of ontological security, not only of domesticity but also of everyday-life, Haneke subverts tact, etiquette, and 'face', leading to: a) choice between two evils; b) a 'blaming the victim' weltanschauung. In this sense, the 4th wall breach is Brechtean reactionary travesty.

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