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594 Ratings



Directed by Oleg Sentsov
Ukraine, 2012


The protagonist of Gamer is a young Ukrainian guy who spends most of his time playing video games. He is great at shooting enemies in Quake but not so successful in his real life, from which he tries but fails to escape.

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Gamer Directed by Oleg Sentsov

What are people saying?

  • Sajra Subašić's rating of the film Gamer

    I haven't seen such a well structured documentary in a while, well done. It has all the elements a fiction narrative has - a main character who has to make a decision about his future, who has a conflict with his mother, with obstacles getting in the way like friends with different opinions, money trouble, alcoholism etc. Even if you don't like the subject you'll see a well crafted study.

  •'s rating of the film Gamer

    this movie was interesting in many ways. everyone likes to play video games, myself included, but it is a whole different world to younger people. they get lost in these games and start to ignore reality. in this film you get to see the process that these younger people go through and their thought processes when it comes to playing these video games. i guess i understand why my son spends so much time gaming.

  • francisca bacon's rating of the film Gamer

    i didn't see it, no. and it is gong to be increasingly hard to watch it, because the director is imprisoned

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Gamer

    Ignore my rating. I played Quake for a couple of months. I played single-player only. I know I have an addictive personality, so I stopped cold-turkey and never played any of the addictive games that came later. I saw people's lives get overtaken by World of Warcraft. One guy I know paid his sister to play it for him so he wouldn't have to start as a low-level character. That's what she spent her whole summer doing.

  • Aliona.gladkaya's rating of the film Gamer

    The facts are: Sentsov is an Ukrainian citizen unjustly imprisonned by the Russian government. MUIBI - correction required in your introduction. Thank you

  • carf's rating of the film Gamer

    fuerte, dura película. el hermetismo del adolescente protagonista, lastima. me parece que debe sufrir, no? yo sufrí viendo cómo nadie puede penetrar en él: madre, amigos, amigas? cerradísimo!. muy bien actuado y muy bien transmitido por el director el clima de la película. verla además me sirvió para conocer lo que le pasa al director, ucraniano, de crimea, y preso en rusia, con una huelga de hambre de varios meses

  • Slappy McGee's rating of the film Gamer

    A lot of potential that goes unrealized due to the unlikable main character. He's a complete jerk to everyone around him and simultaneously depressed and unfulfilled. Makes for a dull and boring protagonist that ultimately learns nothing and never changes. A great premise that gets ruined by poor storytelling and a weak douche of a main character. Disappointing.

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Gamer

    Although nothing much happens, this tale of a boy attaining the success he dreams of and then letting laziness and disinterest threaten his position is well done, especially when illustrating how easy these things seem to come and go for people perhaps not quite old enough to make the most of their opportunities.