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  1. Photo of Jorge Durán

    Jorge Durán Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tizuka Yamasaki

    Tizuka Yamasaki Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Kyoko Tsukamoto

    Kyoko Tsukamoto Cast

  4. Photo of Antônio Fagundes

    Antônio Fagundes Cast

  5. Photo of Jiro Kawarazaki

    Jiro Kawarazaki Cast

  6. Photo of Keniti Kaneko

    Keniti Kaneko Cast

  7. Photo of Gianfrancesco Guarnieri

    Gianfrancesco Guarnieri Cast

  8. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  9. Photo of Louise Cardoso

    Louise Cardoso Cast

  10. Photo of José Dumont

    José Dumont Cast

  11. Photo of Yuriko Oguri

    Yuriko Oguri Cast

  12. Photo of Clarisse Abujamra

    Clarisse Abujamra Cast

  13. Photo of Carlos Augusto Strazzer

    Carlos Augusto Strazzer Cast

  14. Photo of Dorothy Leirner

    Dorothy Leirner Cast

  15. Photo of Maiku Kozonoi

    Maiku Kozonoi Cast

  16. Photo of Celso Saiki

    Celso Saiki Cast

  17. Photo of Sady Cabral

    Sady Cabral Cast

  18. Photo of Fábio Tomasini

    Fábio Tomasini Cast

  19. Photo of Edgar Moura

    Edgar Moura Cinematography

  20. Photo of John Neschling

    John Neschling Music

  21. Photo of Yurika Yamasaki

    Yurika Yamasaki Production Design

  22. Photo of Carlos Alberto Diniz

    Carlos Alberto Diniz Producer

  23. Photo of José Frazão

    José Frazão Producer

  24. Photo of Sumiko Akiyoshi Yamasaki

    Sumiko Akiyoshi Yamasaki Producer

  25. Photo of Vera Freire

    Vera Freire Editing

  26. Photo of Lael Rodrigues

    Lael Rodrigues Editing

  27. Photo of Juarez Dagoberto Costa

    Juarez Dagoberto Costa Sound