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  1. Photo of Kunio Watanabe

    Kunio Watanabe Director

  2. Photo of Ureo Egawa

    Ureo Egawa Cast

  3. Photo of Nijiko Kiyokawa

    Nijiko Kiyokawa Cast

  4. Photo of Sôji Kiyokawa

    Sôji Kiyokawa Cast

  5. Photo of Tamae Kiyokawa

    Tamae Kiyokawa Cast

  6. Photo of Michiyo Kogure

    Michiyo Kogure Cast

  7. Photo of Sosuke Kuni

    Sosuke Kuni Cast

  8. Photo of Kumiko Mizuhara

    Kumiko Mizuhara Cast

  9. Photo of Ryûtarô Nagai

    Ryûtarô Nagai Cast

  10. Photo of Akira Nakamura

    Akira Nakamura Cast

  11. Photo of Haruo Tanaka

    Haruo Tanaka Cast

  12. Photo of Yonosuke Toba

    Yonosuke Toba Cast

  13. Photo of Unpei Yokoyama

    Unpei Yokoyama Cast

  14. Photo of Yataro Kurokawa

    Yataro Kurokawa Cast

  15. Photo of Denjirô Ôkôchi

    Denjirô Ôkôchi Cast