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  1. Photo of Tony Palmer

    Tony Palmer Director, Editing Producer

  2. Photo of John Osborne

    John Osborne Screenplay

  3. Photo of Trevor Howard

    Trevor Howard Cast

  4. Photo of Beth Robens

    Beth Robens Cast

  5. Photo of Tracey Spence

    Tracey Spence Cast

  6. Photo of Caroline Woolley

    Caroline Woolley Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Stanger

    Peter Stanger Cast

  8. Photo of Ranald Neilson

    Ranald Neilson Cast

  9. Photo of Mitzi Mueller

    Mitzi Mueller Cast

  10. Photo of Dave Griffiths

    Dave Griffiths Cast

  11. Photo of Andrei Gavrilov

    Andrei Gavrilov Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Ehricht

    Karl Ehricht Cast

  13. Photo of Anne Downie

    Anne Downie Cast

  14. Photo of Shona Drummond

    Shona Drummond Cast

  15. Photo of Simon Donald

    Simon Donald Cast

  16. Photo of Andrew Dalton

    Andrew Dalton Cast

  17. Photo of Isabella Connell

    Isabella Connell Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Bramwell

    Christopher Bramwell Cast

  19. Photo of James Bowman

    James Bowman Cast

  20. Photo of Nicholas D. Knowland

    Nicholas D. Knowland Cinematography

  21. Photo of George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel Music

  22. Photo of Kenneth Carey

    Kenneth Carey Production Design

  23. Photo of Reiner Moritz

    Reiner Moritz Executive Producer