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  1. Photo of Dean Devlin

    Dean Devlin Screenplay and Producer

  2. Photo of Terry Rossio

    Terry Rossio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ted Elliott

    Ted Elliott Screenplay

  4. Photo of Matthew Broderick

    Matthew Broderick Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Reno

    Jean Reno Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Pitillo

    Maria Pitillo Cast

  7. Photo of Hank Azaria

    Hank Azaria Cast

  8. Photo of Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Lerner

    Michael Lerner Cast

  10. Photo of Harry Shearer

    Harry Shearer Cast

  11. Photo of Arabella Field

    Arabella Field Cast

  12. Photo of Vicki Lewis

    Vicki Lewis Cast

  13. Photo of Doug Savant

    Doug Savant Cast

  14. Photo of Malcolm Danare

    Malcolm Danare Cast

  15. Photo of Lorry Goldman

    Lorry Goldman Cast

  16. Photo of Christian Aubert

    Christian Aubert Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe Bergeron

    Philippe Bergeron Cast

  18. Photo of Frank Bruynbroek

    Frank Bruynbroek Cast

  19. Photo of François Giroday

    François Giroday Cast

  20. Photo of Ueli Steiger

    Ueli Steiger Cinematography

  21. Photo of David Arnold

    David Arnold Music

  22. Photo of Michael Lloyd

    Michael Lloyd Music

  23. Photo of Oliver Scholl

    Oliver Scholl Production Design

  24. Photo of Roland Emmerich

    Roland Emmerich Executive Producer, Director Screenplay

  25. Photo of Ute Emmerich

    Ute Emmerich Executive Producer

  26. Photo of William Fay

    William Fay Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Amundson

    Peter Amundson Editing

  28. Photo of David Siegel

    David Siegel Editing

  29. Photo of Joseph A. Porro

    Joseph A. Porro Costume Design