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  1. Photo of Ishirô Honda

    Ishirô Honda Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Terry O. Morse

    Terry O. Morse Director and Editing

  3. Photo of Shigeru Kayama

    Shigeru Kayama Screenplay

  4. Photo of Takeo Murata

    Takeo Murata Screenplay

  5. Photo of Al C. Ward

    Al C. Ward Screenplay

  6. Photo of Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr Cast

  7. Photo of Takashi Shimura

    Takashi Shimura Cast

  8. Photo of Akira Takarada

    Akira Takarada Cast

  9. Photo of Momoko Kōchi

    Momoko Kōchi Cast

  10. Photo of Akihiko Hirata

    Akihiko Hirata Cast

  11. Photo of Kokuten Kôdô

    Kokuten Kôdô Cast

  12. Photo of Masao Tamai

    Masao Tamai Cinematography

  13. Photo of Guy Roe

    Guy Roe Cinematography

  14. Photo of Akira Ifukube

    Akira Ifukube Music

  15. Photo of Satoru Chûko

    Satoru Chûko Production Design

  16. Photo of Richard Kay

    Richard Kay Producer

  17. Photo of Tomoyuki Tanaka

    Tomoyuki Tanaka Producer

  18. Photo of Terry Turner

    Terry Turner Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Joseph E. Levine

    Joseph E. Levine Executive Producer