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  1. Photo of Nicholas Wrathall

    Nicholas Wrathall Director, Executive Producer, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Theodore James

    Theodore James Producer

  3. Photo of Suresh Ayaar

    Suresh Ayaar Editing

  4. Photo of William Haugse

    William Haugse Editing

  5. Photo of Rob Bralver

    Rob Bralver Editing

  6. Photo of Derek Boonstra

    Derek Boonstra Editing

  7. Photo of Derek Wiesenhahn

    Derek Wiesenhahn Cinematography

  8. Photo of Joel Schwartzberg

    Joel Schwartzberg Cinematography

  9. Photo of Armando De'ath

    Armando De'ath Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ian Honeyman

    Ian Honeyman Music

  11. Photo of Erik Nelson

    Erik Nelson Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Mike Barnett

    Mike Barnett Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Dave Harding

    Dave Harding Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Damon Martin

    Damon Martin Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Andrew Kortschak

    Andrew Kortschak Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Walter Kortschak

    Walter Kortschak Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Chad Troutwine

    Chad Troutwine Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Gore Vidal

    Gore Vidal Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Hitchens

    Christopher Hitchens Cast

  20. Photo of Tim Robbins

    Tim Robbins Cast

  21. Photo of Sting

    Sting Cast

  22. Photo of Bob Scheer

    Bob Scheer Cast

  23. Photo of Jay Parini

    Jay Parini Cast

  24. Photo of Nina Straight

    Nina Straight Cast

  25. Photo of Burr Steers

    Burr Steers Cast and Producer

  26. Photo of Jodie Evans

    Jodie Evans Cast