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Ratings & Reviews

  1. SpaceOctopus's rating of the film Greedy

    I really love the cast in this. Plus...I mean... Phil Hartman is just epic, I love anything with him in it, but unfortunately he just was never enough of a main character in anything, so I have to take him where I can get him. Otherwise I really did enjoy this, I found it delightfully silly, and even though I'm EXTREMELY picky about movies, here and there, once in a while, I'll love a movie like this one.

  2. MR. Universe's rating of the film Greedy

    This film has the pacing of a classic screwball comedy, but not the end results of one. It has a great cast. Something Somehow happens that make half the jokes feel strained. Though not for lack of trying. The film at times tries to be reserved when it should go for madcap. The film has great situations that the filmmakers only let go so far. Olivia D'abo is treated as a godess and truly sets the screen ablaze