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2,884 Ratings


Directed by Joe Dante
United States, 1984
Horror, Comedy, Fantasy


Don’t get him wet, keep him out of bright light and never feed him after midnight. When Billy Peltzer inadvertently breaks the three rules of thumb concerning his new- strange but adorable- pet, he unleashes a horde of mischievous gremlins on a small town.

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Gremlins Directed by Joe Dante

What are people saying?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Gremlins

    The rare childhood favorite that becomes even more enjoyable as an adult now that I'm able to truly appreciate the film's subversive quality. Here, the usual Amblin sense of wonder is tempered by Joe Dante and Chris Columbus' anarchic streak: we watch as a picturesque suburban town right out of "It's a Wonderful Life" descends into sheer chaos once the lovable but lethal gremlins are unleashed. A live-action cartoon.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Gremlins

    A wonderful slice of morbid genre anarchy from Joe Dante, who lovingly borrows all the mid-century smalltown American kitsch he can get his hands on just so he can have fun blowing it up. A synthesis of Corman, Spielberg, Looney Tunes, and 50s sci-fi that adds up to an affectionately campy horror movie for innocent kids, best appreciated after they become warped adults.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Gremlins

    There was never a movie like this, and never again. Bold enough to blend fantasy, horror and sci-fi in a children story. Like a good classic children story is meant to be. With monsters and fun. (Oh, I remember, Neil Gaiman does it so well, too! Oh, and he was the one that said that "fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.")

  • Greg S.'s rating of the film Gremlins

    A middle ground between Dante's goofier work and his forays into darkness, on rewatch I wish he had embraced the latter more. I never found Billy's hero's journey that compelling. The best segment of the film being Billy's mom's encounter with Gremlins, the bit where she first picks up the knife is truly suspenseful moment and Dante morphing the fireplace's glow into something nightmarish is masterful.

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Gremlins

    Deeeeeegle! Gremlins is full of dark humor and manages to deftly balance a number of genre elements. It's a sharp social critique and relentlessly referential. Still as much fun now as it was then.

  • Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Gremlins

    Loved this as a kid and having not seen it in 15 years or so I can say that it still holds up. The blend of goofy comedy and gruesome violence is well handled and there are few movies that can balance family-friendly and downright-nasty. The acting is quite good and the effects are stellar and still works better than CGI probably would have.

  • wolfmansRazor's rating of the film Gremlins

    You can read many of Dante's films as satirical responses to Spielberg. Here, Gremlins subverts the relentless adorability of E.T. Starting from a similar premise--cute alien companion--Spielberg is content to let ET just be our buddy while Gizmo spawns murderous grotesques. The film then takes great delight in torturing our pal Gizmo for the duration. ET is a celebration of cuteness, Gremlins a violence against it.

  • Adam Whybray's rating of the film Gremlins

    3.5 stars. Hee hee hee ho ho ho~ oh little Gizmo I love you so! Forget about watching it as an allegory and just enjoy the impeccably structured chaos unfold! Utterly daft, but gleefully nasty at times - the story of the father starving to death jammed in the chimney is the best Christmas story of all! Dang! A bit of a childhood favourite, this.