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  1. Photo of Bjorn Tagemose

    Bjorn Tagemose Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Katarina Vercammen

    Katarina Vercammen Producer

  3. Photo of Erik Peiren

    Erik Peiren Editing

  4. Photo of Frédéric Geerts

    Frédéric Geerts Production Design

  5. Photo of Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins Cast

  6. Photo of Grace Jones

    Grace Jones Cast

  7. Photo of Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop Cast

  8. Photo of Josh Homme

    Josh Homme Himself

  9. Photo of Slash

    Slash Cast

  10. Photo of Thomas Law

    Thomas Law Cast

  11. Photo of Oliver Heald

    Oliver Heald Cast

  12. Photo of Lemmy

    Lemmy Cast

  13. Photo of Olivia Vinall

    Olivia Vinall Cast

  14. Photo of Laurie Kynaston

    Laurie Kynaston Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Lanegan

    Mark Lanegan Cast

  16. Photo of Kirsty Oswald

    Kirsty Oswald Cast

  17. Photo of Hilde Van Mieghem

    Hilde Van Mieghem Cast

  18. Photo of Stilian Keli

    Stilian Keli Cast

  19. Photo of Mitchell Hunt

    Mitchell Hunt Cast

  20. Photo of Nina Hagen

    Nina Hagen Cast

  21. Photo of Jesse Hughes

    Jesse Hughes Cast

  22. Photo of Tom Araya

    Tom Araya Cast

  23. Photo of Justice

    Justice Cast