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2,506 Ratings


Directed by Joe Wright
United Kingdom, United States, 2011
Action, Drama


Raised in the wilderness and trained by her father to be a ruthless assassin, a fourteen-year-old girl sets out on a dangerous mission with insidious agents hot on her heels.

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Hanna Directed by Joe Wright

What are people saying?

  • Ethan's rating of the film Hanna

    Saorise Ronan gives a badass performance in this well crafted action thriller with a delightfully sinister Cate Blanchett as the ice bitch villain. Also the soundtrack and cinematography on this film are top notch.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Hanna

    Revisiting "Hanna" was as fun as the first viewing during its short theatrical release. Surprisingly gorgeous, fast-paced, and quite fresh, with a killer (and very under-appreciated) performance by Saoirse Ronan and completely remarkable locations. Joe Wright would be best to keep to such art-thriller fare.

  • Francisco R.'s rating of the film Hanna

    Amazing direction, the movie shines in its use of locations, action sequences (some of them shot in impressive single takes) and benefits even more for its incredible style and the acting, one of the best action films i've seen this year along with Drive.

  • chanandre's rating of the film Hanna

    This film is way too underrated. "I just missed you heart" has got to be the cutest line everrrrrrrrrr. Loved this film from start to finish. Seriously. What about the The Chemical Brothers soundtrack? Total <3 Talk about epicness.

  • Risya's rating of the film Hanna

    Paced action thriller but nothing like Bourne nor Bond. It's bit low-key with unique tone to it. There is some sense of art house value to the film. Technically stylish and masterfully employs its themes, everything from the wooded forest, desolate desert, playgrounds and the abandoned theme-park. Also features nice original score by The Chemical Brothers. Bad news is, the plot is thin with holes and quite derivative

  • Eirik Smidesang Slåen's rating of the film Hanna

    Weird, messy, anarchistic, but very satisfying. Joe Wright's «Hanna» is his best film so far, and showcases a filmmaker far beyond the glossy visuals of »Atonement» and well acted «Pride and Predjudice». Saoirse Ronan is no longer just fresh blood, she has developed into a full-blooded actress that can probably do anything. And the pairing with Cate Blanchett is brilliant - we need more of them together.

  • Matt Richards's rating of the film Hanna

    Eric Banna, Cate Blanchet, a soundtrack from the Chemical Brothers; sounds pretty promising doesn't it? Saoirse Ronan as the assassin is flawless. If it weren't for her this film would have been really hard to swallow. The script suffers from all the usual USA-CIA hogwash. Banna and Blanchet add nothing and their inconsistent accents really detract. A good adrenalin rush with some innovative editing. 3 stars

  • Mugino's rating of the film Hanna

    Curse MUBI's integer star rating system: "Hanna" is better than average but not quite rich enough to merit a whole 4th star. Young Ronan comes across as extraordinarily centred; if I had a teen daughter, I would rather have her go see this than "The Prom" or "Twilight". There's a touch of Grimm's fairy tale to it that is a propos and enchanting. And The Chemical Brothers score is worth a listen on its own.

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