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  1. Photo of Bronwen Hughes

    Bronwen Hughes Director

  2. Photo of Louise Fitzhugh

    Louise Fitzhugh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Greg Taylor

    Greg Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Julie Talen

    Julie Talen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Douglas Petrie

    Douglas Petrie Screenplay

  6. Photo of Theresa Rebeck

    Theresa Rebeck Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michelle Trachtenberg

    Michelle Trachtenberg Cast

  8. Photo of Rosie O'Donnell

    Rosie O'Donnell Cast

  9. Photo of Gregory Smith

    Gregory Smith Cast

  10. Photo of Vanessa Lee Chester

    Vanessa Lee Chester Cast

  11. Photo of J. Smith-Cameron

    J. Smith-Cameron Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Joy

    Robert Joy Cast

  13. Photo of Eartha Kitt

    Eartha Kitt Cast

  14. Photo of Charlotte Sullivan

    Charlotte Sullivan Cast

  15. Photo of Teisha Kim

    Teisha Kim Cast

  16. Photo of Eugene Lipinski

    Eugene Lipinski Cast

  17. Photo of Alisha Morrison

    Alisha Morrison Cast

  18. Photo of Debby Beece

    Debby Beece Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Marykay Powell

    Marykay Powell Producer

  20. Photo of Jamshied Sharifi

    Jamshied Sharifi Music

  21. Photo of Francis Kenny

    Francis Kenny Cinematography

  22. Photo of Debra Chiate

    Debra Chiate Editing

  23. Photo of Lester Cohen

    Lester Cohen Production Design

  24. Photo of Donna Zakowska

    Donna Zakowska Costume Design