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  1. Photo of William A. Graham

    William A. Graham Director

  2. Photo of David Lee Henry

    David Lee Henry Screenplay

  3. Photo of R. Lance Hill

    R. Lance Hill Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bruce Dern

    Bruce Dern Cast

  5. Photo of Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver Cast

  6. Photo of Michael C. Gwynne

    Michael C. Gwynne Cast

  7. Photo of Gordon Lightfoot

    Gordon Lightfoot Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Hubert

    Jacques Hubert Cast

  9. Photo of Daphne Goldrick

    Daphne Goldrick Cast

  10. Photo of Lynne Kolber

    Lynne Kolber Cast

  11. Photo of Alex Willows

    Alex Willows Cast

  12. Photo of Frank C. Turner

    Frank C. Turner Cast

  13. Photo of Fred Diehl

    Fred Diehl Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Siegel

    Charles Siegel Cast

  15. Photo of Jack Ackroyd

    Jack Ackroyd Cast

  16. Photo of Richard MacBride

    Richard MacBride Cast

  17. Photo of Kerry Salisbury

    Kerry Salisbury Cast

  18. Photo of Allen Daviau

    Allen Daviau Cinematography

  19. Photo of Micky Erbe

    Micky Erbe Music

  20. Photo of Maribeth Solomon

    Maribeth Solomon Music

  21. Photo of Karen Bromley

    Karen Bromley Production Design

  22. Photo of Ron Wisman

    Ron Wisman Editing