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  1. Photo of Assi Dayan

    Assi Dayan Cast

  2. Photo of Iris Yotvat

    Iris Yotvat Cast

  3. Photo of Hannah Aden

    Hannah Aden Cast

  4. Photo of Yosef Millo

    Yosef Millo Cast and Director

  5. Photo of Shraga Friedman

    Shraga Friedman Cast

  6. Photo of Eli Cohen

    Eli Cohen Cast

  7. Photo of Shmuel Atzmon

    Shmuel Atzmon Cast

  8. Photo of Ya'ackov Ben-Sira

    Ya'ackov Ben-Sira Cast

  9. Photo of Ninette Diner

    Ninette Diner Cast

  10. Photo of Koby Recht

    Koby Recht Cast