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  1. Photo of Lawrence C. Windom

    Lawrence C. Windom Director

  2. Photo of Arthur 'Bugs' Baer

    Arthur 'Bugs' Baer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Earle Browne

    Earle Browne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth Cast

  5. Photo of Ruth Taylor

    Ruth Taylor Cast

  6. Photo of William Sheer

    William Sheer Cast

  7. Photo of Margaret Seddon

    Margaret Seddon Cast

  8. Photo of Frances Victory

    Frances Victory Cast

  9. Photo of James A. Marcus

    James A. Marcus Cast

  10. Photo of Ralf Harolde

    Ralf Harolde Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Byer

    Charles Byer Cast

  12. Photo of George Halpin

    George Halpin Cast

  13. Photo of William J. Gross

    William J. Gross Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Lawrence

    Walter Lawrence Cast

  15. Photo of Ann Brody

    Ann Brody Cast

  16. Photo of Ricca Allen

    Ricca Allen Cast

  17. Photo of Sammy Blum

    Sammy Blum Cast

  18. Photo of Ethel Kerwin

    Ethel Kerwin Cast

  19. Photo of Tom Cameron

    Tom Cameron Cast

  20. Photo of Charles J. Hunt

    Charles J. Hunt Cast

  21. Photo of William Shea

    William Shea Producer

  22. Photo of Herbert H. Yudkin

    Herbert H. Yudkin Producer