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  1. Photo of Marta Tomkiw

    Marta Tomkiw Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Roger Homrich

    Roger Homrich Executive Producer and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jason Simon

    Jason Simon Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dawn Zoltek

    Dawn Zoltek Cinematography

  5. Photo of Juan Atkins

    Juan Atkins Cast

  6. Photo of Carl Craig

    Carl Craig Cast

  7. Photo of Matthew Dear

    Matthew Dear Cast

  8. Photo of Eddie Fowlkes

    Eddie Fowlkes Cast

  9. Photo of Richie Hawtin

    Richie Hawtin Cast

  10. Photo of Derrick May

    Derrick May Cast

  11. Photo of Electrifyin' Mojo

    Electrifyin' Mojo Cast

  12. Photo of Kevin Saunderson

    Kevin Saunderson Cast

  13. Photo of Anthony Shakir

    Anthony Shakir Cast

  14. Photo of Dan Sicko

    Dan Sicko Cast

  15. Photo of Per Franchell

    Per Franchell Editing and Music

  16. Photo of Joshua Pardon

    Joshua Pardon Production Design

  17. Photo of Gary Bredow

    Gary Bredow Music, Director, Screenplay Executive Producer