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  1. Photo of Pennant Roberts

    Pennant Roberts Director

  2. Photo of Sarah Hellings

    Sarah Hellings Director

  3. Photo of Tristan DeVere Cole

    Tristan DeVere Cole Director

  4. Photo of Keith Washington

    Keith Washington Director

  5. Photo of Michael E. Briant

    Michael E. Briant Director

  6. Photo of Matthew Robinson

    Matthew Robinson Director

  7. Photo of Frank W. Smith

    Frank W. Smith Director

  8. Photo of Graeme Harper

    Graeme Harper Director

  9. Photo of Roger Jenkins

    Roger Jenkins Director

  10. Photo of Alister Hallum

    Alister Hallum Director

  11. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  12. Photo of David Penn

    David Penn Director

  13. Photo of Robert Reed

    Robert Reed Director

  14. Photo of Raymond Thompson

    Raymond Thompson Screenplay

  15. Photo of Jill Hyem

    Jill Hyem Screenplay

  16. Photo of Jeremy Burnham

    Jeremy Burnham Screenplay

  17. Photo of Mervyn Haisman

    Mervyn Haisman Screenplay

  18. Photo of Douglas Watkinson

    Douglas Watkinson Screenplay

  19. Photo of Christopher Green

    Christopher Green Screenplay

  20. Photo of Patrick Carroll

    Patrick Carroll Screenplay

  21. Photo of Anthony Osborn

    Anthony Osborn Screenplay

  22. Photo of Tom Needham

    Tom Needham Screenplay

  23. Photo of Lionel Goldstein

    Lionel Goldstein Screenplay

  24. Photo of Arthur Schmidt

    Arthur Schmidt Screenplay

  25. Photo of Colin Haydn Evans

    Colin Haydn Evans Screenplay

  26. Photo of Michael Robson

    Michael Robson Screenplay

  27. Photo of Maurice Colbourne

    Maurice Colbourne Cast

  28. Photo of Jan Harvey

    Jan Harvey Cast

  29. Photo of Stephen Yardley

    Stephen Yardley Cast

  30. Photo of Glyn Owen

    Glyn Owen Cast

  31. Photo of Tony Anholt

    Tony Anholt Cast

  32. Photo of Susan Gilmore

    Susan Gilmore Cast

  33. Photo of Dulcie Gray

    Dulcie Gray Cast

  34. Photo of Edward Highmore

    Edward Highmore Cast

  35. Photo of Tracey Childs

    Tracey Childs Cast

  36. Photo of Cindy Shelley

    Cindy Shelley Cast

  37. Photo of Ivor Danvers

    Ivor Danvers Cast

  38. Photo of Patricia Shakesby

    Patricia Shakesby Cast

  39. Photo of Nigel Davenport

    Nigel Davenport Cast

  40. Photo of Kate O'Mara

    Kate O'Mara Cast

  41. Photo of Lana Morris

    Lana Morris Cast

  42. Photo of Malcolm Jamieson

    Malcolm Jamieson Cast

  43. Photo of Sarah-Jane Varley

    Sarah-Jane Varley Cast

  44. Photo of Graham Pountney

    Graham Pountney Cast

  45. Photo of Willoughby Gray

    Willoughby Gray Cast

  46. Photo of Sian Webber

    Sian Webber Cast

  47. Photo of Jeff Harding

    Jeff Harding Cast

  48. Photo of Michael Denison

    Michael Denison Cast

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