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  1. Photo of William Witney

    William Witney Director

  2. Photo of Jack Bohrer

    Jack Bohrer Producer

  3. Photo of Gene Corman

    Gene Corman Producer

  4. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  5. Photo of Miguel Zacarías

    Miguel Zacarías Producer

  6. Photo of Richard DeLong Adams

    Richard DeLong Adams Screenplay

  7. Photo of Rosalío Solano

    Rosalío Solano Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jim Brown

    Jim Brown Cast

  9. Photo of Christopher George

    Christopher George Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Ely

    Richard Ely Cast

  11. Photo of James Luisi

    James Luisi Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Richards

    Paul Richards Cast

  13. Photo of Barbara Pokras

    Barbara Pokras Editing

  14. Photo of Tom Walls

    Tom Walls Editing

  15. Photo of Roberto Silva

    Roberto Silva Production Design

  16. Photo of Les Baxter

    Les Baxter Music

  17. Photo of José B. Carles

    José B. Carles Sound

  18. Photo of Jodie Lynn Tillen

    Jodie Lynn Tillen Costume Design