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  1. Photo of Kyu Sakamoto

    Kyu Sakamoto Cast

  2. Photo of Toshio Masuda

    Toshio Masuda Director

  3. Photo of Nobuo Yamada

    Nobuo Yamada Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shinsuke Ashida

    Shinsuke Ashida Cast

  5. Photo of Mitsuo Hamada

    Mitsuo Hamada Cast

  6. Photo of Shigeo Hayashi

    Shigeo Hayashi Cast

  7. Photo of Daizaburo Hirata

    Daizaburo Hirata Cast

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Ichimura

    Hiroshi Ichimura Cast

  9. Photo of Susumu Ishikawa

    Susumu Ishikawa Cast

  10. Photo of Yasuhiro Kameyama

    Yasuhiro Kameyama Cast

  11. Photo of Tadao Kojima

    Tadao Kojima Cast

  12. Photo of Shosei Muto

    Shosei Muto Cast

  13. Photo of Zenpei Saga

    Zenpei Saga Cast

  14. Photo of Masao Shimizu

    Masao Shimizu Cast

  15. Photo of Toshie Takada

    Toshie Takada Cast

  16. Photo of Hideki Takahashi

    Hideki Takahashi Cast

  17. Photo of Keiichi Taki

    Keiichi Taki Cast

  18. Photo of Koichi Uenoyama

    Koichi Uenoyama Cast

  19. Photo of Yasukiyo Umeno

    Yasukiyo Umeno Cast

  20. Photo of Tomoko Watanabe

    Tomoko Watanabe Cast

  21. Photo of Yoshinaga Sayuri

    Yoshinaga Sayuri Cast

  22. Photo of Hachidai Nakamura

    Hachidai Nakamura Music

  23. Photo of Yoshihiro Yamazaki

    Yoshihiro Yamazaki Cinematography

  24. Photo of Masanori Tsuji

    Masanori Tsuji Editing

  25. Photo of Takeo Kimura

    Takeo Kimura Production Design

  26. Photo of Norio Numakura

    Norio Numakura Sound