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  1. Photo of Štefan Uher

    Štefan Uher Director

  2. Photo of Jiří Hlosek

    Jiří Hlosek Producer

  3. Photo of Stubniak Martin

    Stubniak Martin Producer

  4. Photo of Jozef Prochác

    Jozef Prochác Producer

  5. Photo of Jan Svikruha

    Jan Svikruha Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Milan Ferko

    Milan Ferko Screenplay

  7. Photo of Stanislav Daníček

    Stanislav Daníček Cinematography

  8. Photo of Martin Gazík

    Martin Gazík Cinematography

  9. Photo of Vladimír Reichbauer

    Vladimír Reichbauer Cinematography

  10. Photo of Stanislav Szomolányi

    Stanislav Szomolányi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Marián Bernát

    Marián Bernát Cast

  12. Photo of Jozef Gráf

    Jozef Gráf Cast

  13. Photo of Emília Doseková

    Emília Doseková Cast

  14. Photo of Ludovít Króner

    Ludovít Króner Cast

  15. Photo of Katarína Marečková

    Katarína Marečková Cast

  16. Photo of Vilma Jamnická

    Vilma Jamnická Cast

  17. Photo of Anton Šulík

    Anton Šulík Cast

  18. Photo of Ľudovít Reiter

    Ľudovít Reiter Cast

  19. Photo of Anna Grissová

    Anna Grissová Cast

  20. Photo of Mária Hojerová

    Mária Hojerová Cast

  21. Photo of Michal Moncek

    Michal Moncek Cast

  22. Photo of Imre Fazekas

    Imre Fazekas Cast

  23. Photo of Daniel Lapúnik

    Daniel Lapúnik Cast

  24. Photo of Brigita Hausnerová

    Brigita Hausnerová Cast

  25. Photo of Milka Furinová

    Milka Furinová Cast

  26. Photo of Igor Hrabinský

    Igor Hrabinský Cast

  27. Photo of Tomáš Zilincik

    Tomáš Zilincik Cast

  28. Photo of Karol Kuniak

    Karol Kuniak Cast

  29. Photo of Xénia Gracová

    Xénia Gracová Cast

  30. Photo of Brigita Bobulová

    Brigita Bobulová Cast

  31. Photo of Adam Hersi Giama

    Adam Hersi Giama Cast

  32. Photo of Jolana Hollá-Maziari

    Jolana Hollá-Maziari Cast

  33. Photo of Jozef Belan

    Jozef Belan Cast

  34. Photo of Maximilián Remen

    Maximilián Remen Editing

  35. Photo of Stepán Konícek

    Stepán Konícek Music

  36. Photo of Milan K. Némethy

    Milan K. Némethy Sound

  37. Photo of Júlia Ballagová

    Júlia Ballagová Costume Design

  38. Photo of Emília Kovacicová

    Emília Kovacicová Costume Design

  39. Photo of Zlatica Kvietková

    Zlatica Kvietková Costume Design