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  1. Photo of Daniel Filho

    Daniel Filho Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Adriana Falcão

    Adriana Falcão Screenplay

  3. Photo of Renê Belmonte

    Renê Belmonte Screenplay

  4. Photo of Iafa Britz

    Iafa Britz Screenplay

  5. Photo of Carlos Gregório

    Carlos Gregório Screenplay

  6. Photo of Roberto Frota

    Roberto Frota Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tony Ramos

    Tony Ramos Cast

  8. Photo of Glória Pires

    Glória Pires Cast

  9. Photo of Thiago Lacerda

    Thiago Lacerda Cast

  10. Photo of Lavínia Vlasak

    Lavínia Vlasak Cast

  11. Photo of Glória Menezes

    Glória Menezes Cast

  12. Photo of Patrícia Pillar

    Patrícia Pillar Cast

  13. Photo of Lara Rodrigues

    Lara Rodrigues Cast

  14. Photo of Ary Fontoura

    Ary Fontoura Cast

  15. Photo of Helena Fernandes

    Helena Fernandes Cast

  16. Photo of José Roberto Eliezer

    José Roberto Eliezer Cinematography

  17. Photo of Marcos Flaksman

    Marcos Flaksman Production Design

  18. Photo of Felipe Lacerda

    Felipe Lacerda Editing