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450 Ratings


Directed by Robert Altman
United Kingdom, United States, 1972
Drama, Fantasy, Horror


When a wealthy housewife and children’s author begins to have disturbing visions, her husband takes her to the countryside for a vacation. There, her delusions worsen, with tragic consequences.

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Images Directed by Robert Altman

Awards & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

1972 | Winner: Best Actress

Academy Awards

1973 | Nominee: Best Music, Original Dramatic Score

BAFTA Awards

1973 | Nominee: Best Cinematography

What are people saying?

  • Jason's rating of the film Images

    You could prime the initiate for IMAGES by telling them it's, like, totally Joseph Losey's REPULSION. You should also tell this person that like w/ some Losey, some Resnais, and much Nick Roeg, IMAGES finds a master filmmaker practically doing straight-up epistemology / ontology. This is prismatic horror of phenomenological missarrangement, the puzzle gone haywire. Everybody knows Altman smoked good shit.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Images

    This and 'That Cold Day in the Park' have a fair amount in common with the general claustrophobic atmosphere and mental illness. I suppose it could be prosopagnosia. About halfway in I was ready for her to boil the bunny, but it just kept going!

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Images

    One of Altman's best & most under-seen films. His only out & out 'horror' film and one of the few he wrote himself. It is one of the most cinematic depictions of schizophrenia in film and it, as others have said, serves as a precursor to Altman's 3 Women. Very well acted by Susannah York & Rene Auberjonois and superbly shot by Vilmos Zsigmond. A very disturbing watch.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Images

    One usually doesn't associate Robert Altman with the word "creepy" unless one has seen 3 Women (and one really should), but this schizoid nugget is the closest he came to full-on horror. He clearly had been absorbing Bergman and Japanese horror: the atmosphere is richly weird, playing now-you-see-me games with the camera that are sometimes sophisticated, sometimes a kind of arthouse camp. A worthwhile stepping stone.

  • Samuel T.'s rating of the film Images

    A bit heavy handed of an approach to insanity via identity shifts, haunting apparitions, and doppelgänger, yet wildly addictive. There is something about the re-occurring image of wind chimes, as if the madness could lead these delicate instruments to explode at any second. The entire interior of the house, in a majestical landscape, resembles a log that's been halfway burned to a silky gray, a stage of aberration.

  • Neither/Nor's rating of the film Images

    Altman attempts to condemn the image's source: if the individual is locus of subjectivity, their unity is unreliable, their control provisional. The film's violence aspires to so many cinematic/subjective assassinations, but a synthesis of terminal constructions, ie Polanski's taut horrors, Bergman's visual psychology, forbids the senselessness of its Apocalypticism, the crisis without end. Wanting, overall.

  • Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Images

    One of the bleakest, most atypical and experimental Altman films. Heavily influenced by Bergman and Polanski. A haunting plunge into sexuality and schizofrenia.

  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Images

    I'm not really fond of this kind of cinema, but this Images has really provocative scenes. I enjoy mischievous works, the ones you watch back and forth to discover clues. Definetely catchy.

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