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  1. Photo of Abbas Mirza Şarifzada

    Abbas Mirza Şarifzada Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Pavel Blyakhin

    Pavel Blyakhin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mirzaaga Aliyev

    Mirzaaga Aliyev Cast

  4. Photo of K. Vyaznova

    K. Vyaznova Cast

  5. Photo of Mustafa Mardanov

    Mustafa Mardanov Cast

  6. Photo of T. Vişnevskaya

    T. Vişnevskaya Cast

  7. Photo of İbrahim Azari

    İbrahim Azari Cast

  8. Photo of Mirseyfaddin Kirmanşahlı

    Mirseyfaddin Kirmanşahlı Cast

  9. Photo of Kazım Ziya

    Kazım Ziya Cast

  10. Photo of Möhsün Sanani

    Möhsün Sanani Cast

  11. Photo of Aydın Cabbarlı

    Aydın Cabbarlı Cast

  12. Photo of Hacımammad Qafqazlı

    Hacımammad Qafqazlı Cast

  13. Photo of Mirmahmud Kazımovski

    Mirmahmud Kazımovski Cast

  14. Photo of Sona Hacıyeva

    Sona Hacıyeva Cast

  15. Photo of İsmayıl Hidayatzada

    İsmayıl Hidayatzada Cast

  16. Photo of Sidqi Ruhulla

    Sidqi Ruhulla Cast

  17. Photo of Qasim Zeynalov

    Qasim Zeynalov Cast

  18. Photo of A. A. Qlinski

    A. A. Qlinski Cast

  19. Photo of Arkadi Yalovoy

    Arkadi Yalovoy Cinematography

  20. Photo of A. Plaksin

    A. Plaksin Production Design

  21. Photo of K. Yevseyev

    K. Yevseyev Production Design