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  1. Photo of Matti Geschonneck

    Matti Geschonneck Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  4. Photo of Sylvester Groth

    Sylvester Groth Cast

  5. Photo of Hildegard Schmahl

    Hildegard Schmahl Cast

  6. Photo of Jenya Dodina

    Jenya Dodina Cast

  7. Photo of Natalia Belitski

    Natalia Belitski Cast

  8. Photo of Alexander Fehling

    Alexander Fehling Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriela Maria Schmeide

    Gabriela Maria Schmeide Cast

  10. Photo of Angela Winkler

    Angela Winkler Cast

  11. Photo of Alexander Hörbe

    Alexander Hörbe Cast

  12. Photo of Thorsten Merten

    Thorsten Merten Cast

  13. Photo of Hannes Hubach

    Hannes Hubach Cinematography

  14. Photo of Bernd Lepel

    Bernd Lepel Production Design

  15. Photo of Oliver Berben

    Oliver Berben Producer

  16. Photo of Sarah Kirkegaard

    Sarah Kirkegaard Producer

  17. Photo of Dirk Grau

    Dirk Grau Editing

  18. Photo of Rainer Plabst

    Rainer Plabst Sound

  19. Photo of Sabine Greunig

    Sabine Greunig Costume Design