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1,468 Ratings

Into the Abyss

Directed by Werner Herzog
United States, 2011
Documentary, Crime


Werner Herzog explores the legacy of a triple homicide in Texas interviewing the victims’ families and those convicted for the crime including one man on death row, eight days before his execution.

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Into the Abyss Directed by Werner Herzog

What are people saying?

  • Teona Gal's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    I admire Herzog so much because he asks such thoughtful questions, seeming not intrusive but genuinely interested in what his interviewees have to say, without preconceptions about their stories, without manipulating them, being carried away by their stories, as they are being carried away by his questions.

  • floserber's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Sad, frightening and absurd. It seemed so unreal, kids commiting three murders for a stupid car, and the failure of this system, unable to help and educate people equally, it ends crushing them in more grief and violence. Definitely a strong documentary film by a brave and perspicacious director.

  • Corinne's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Documentary - One star. Gun wielding ex con squirrels driving red camaros and golf carts through rainbow infested cities shooting every hillbilly in site dream I had that was obviously inspired by the documentary - Five stars

  • comeandsee's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    this is a documentary, so good, so able to probe deep into my deepest thoughts, that i can say it actually disturbed me, on the night i had the opportunity to view. with this work, i cam convinced herzog has actually surpassed his fictional works, because with this film i can see clearly what the medium has been invented for. herzog gives you life, death, religion and absence. but he never makes your choice.

  • Matt Richards's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Herzog's look into death row, right to life and the circumstances surrounding one particular case. It's a complicated , disturbing journey into the darkness of their lives. With less focus on the truth and more on character Herzog's approach ellicits responses that are at once profound and of the calibre that only Herzog seems able to capture. 4 stars

  • SALESK's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Werzog makes it clear he's against capital punishment, but the film still comes across clear-headed and even-handed. Some extremely affecting interviewees. Sadness threatens to bog you down what with all the relentless, systemic white trash poverty and violence...until Herzog starts asking the death row chaplain about squirrels.

  • Spoiler's rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Como em “À Sangue Frio”, como se Herzog decidisse encarnar um novo Truman Capote, o cineasta desce ao inferno para entrevistar dois jovens condenados à pena de morte e filma essa história de assassinato e assassinos no contraponto ideal, colocando-se contra a pena de morte, mas não necessariamente a favor dos presidiários.

  • Greg S.'s rating of the film Into the Abyss

    Not usually a Herzog fan but having seen this with him doing a q&a it's interesting. The fact that he doesn't really take a stand on capital punishment may seem frustrating however he has pointed out that an interviewer needs to be like a snake(not joking) and strike for moments of truth and he may be right, there's one particularly beautiful bit showcasing the dehumanizing effects of the death penalty. Must see.