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7,908 Ratings



Directed by Gaspar Noé
France, 2002
Crime, Drama, Mystery


Told in reverse chronological order, this graphic, controversial feature explores the nature of revenge through a story about a beautiful woman who is raped in an underpass in Paris.

Irreversible Directed by Gaspar Noé

What are people saying?

  • Manfred Matela's rating of the film Irreversible

    "Time is the death of all things." Irreversible is horrifying, uncomfortably real and one of the most visceral cinematic experiences I've had. But it's also beautiful in its own way. The inventive cinematography and excellent acting made this film really stand out for me. Many scenes were terrifying to watch, but for better or worse I think a film ultimately having that deep an emotional impact is a sign of quality.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Irreversible

    This is a traumatic film. But is offers a way to deal with it. Most of us (it was my case), when we went to see it, we were prepared for a horrible scene, much talked about. It's much more than that scene. Though it is central. The narrative is told in a incredible way. Going back in time, what we think about the characters, changes once again and again. And the trauma, we face it, and go back to when there was none.

  • Alanedit's rating of the film Irreversible

    This, along with children of men, represent the future of cinema in technical and audacious means. Film language took a small leap here, expanding on the techniques Hitchcock pioneered on Rope. The film is as much technical exercise as it is a supreme trip down the lurks of hell. Rewarded.

  • Erik F.'s rating of the film Irreversible

    The most unnerving aspect of this film wasn't either of the two notorious scenes (both of which were actually tamer than I was expecting), but the extreme contrast between the first half and the second half -- the hellish and the halcyon -- and the reminder that every single one of us could be weeks, days, or mere hours away from a tragic or traumatic event that we can't foresee or prevent ... or reverse.

  • Marta's rating of the film Irreversible

    what i feel about noe's movies is that they can be very interesting from a technical standpoint but lack pretty much everything else. poor plots, poor dialogues and i can hardly ever sympathize with his characters. this movie in particular lives on the rape scene and everything else just feels unnecessary and quite boring. its not even a very long film but it feels way longer than it needed to be.

  • Daniel Roque's rating of the film Irreversible

    It may started out like a ruthless rollercoaster ride that makes you want to throw up in every direction, but as soon as you get the connection between every moment you can't help but fall deeply for it.

  • ara's rating of the film Irreversible

    (I must have a thing for films that contrast extreme horror and extreme beauty) gaspar noé is... beyond words. you can't say that he's not a master of using sound and colors in the most perfect way... and his use of Beethoven's 7th symphony has haunted me for years and breaks my heart to this day. i get why people either hate him or love him, all he can do is create extreme emotions like a huge wave, haha

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Irreversible

    A masterful film that only improves with age. Though, it is a truly harrowing ordeal from start to finish - or would it be from finish to start? - it is worthwhile due to the beautiful, kinetic cinematography and meticulous editing highlighting the visceral performances. As we've come to expect from Noé, this is not for the faint of heart.

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