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  1. Photo of Chris Bailey

    Chris Bailey Director

  2. Photo of Kevin Rafferty

    Kevin Rafferty Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dave Foley

    Dave Foley Voice

  4. Photo of Andrew Stanton

    Andrew Stanton Voice

  5. Photo of Cheech Marin

    Cheech Marin Voice

  6. Photo of French Stewart

    French Stewart Voice

  7. Photo of Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny Voice

  8. Photo of Jason Alexander

    Jason Alexander Voice

  9. Photo of Corey Burton

    Corey Burton Voice

  10. Photo of Bruce Broughton

    Bruce Broughton Music

  11. Photo of Tom Fitzgerald

    Tom Fitzgerald Producer

  12. Photo of John Lasseter

    John Lasseter Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Darla K. Anderson

    Darla K. Anderson Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Sherril Schlesinger

    Sherril Schlesinger Editing