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  1. Polyglot's rating of the film Jack and Diane

  2. Shoham L's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    Weak acting and plot - lacks real substance and style. Gets a star for the slightly surreal bedroom scene.

  3. chazell's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    Oh come on.. "Does kissing girls turn you into a monster, and other contemporary questions about sexuality and growth". I would really love Juno Temple to get some good film roles, and soon.

  4. Shahad's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    twisted but i liked it for a reason..

  5. aether's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    (i'm going to give this another go in a few months. there are elements that i like, a lot, but right now they don't outweigh the parts i dislike)

  6. Westley's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    A nice Sofia Coppola-esque romance film with some horror undertones, (manifestations of inner turmoil). Don't go into this expecting much of a horror movie, though, because it really isn't a horror movie. It's a contemplative love story. I really liked the cinematography, music, and the actors. This film definitely isn't for everyone, but I liked it a lot. This is my kind of sappy romance.

  7. Ally's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    Two positive things for me: 1. The dialogue was very much that of awkward teenagers. I enjoyed the overuse of the word "like." 2. Short haired grungy Riley Keough is now one of my dream girls. However, with this said, portions the plot and the werewolf segments were just unnecessary. Which is sad for me to say considering how long I had been waiting on the movie. I had pictured something a little more "Ginger Snaps."

  8. Seth's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    Riley Keough seemed to be channeling late-'90s Joshua Jackson in this. A tougher, grittier, and er female, Pacey Witter.

  9. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    Intriguing but a little too absurd with the werewolf type moments. I could see this having a small cult following, but I won't be a part of it. It's clear that the film is made by the brilliant director of The Exploding Girl. This story doesn't work quite as well for me. I wasn't very drawn to the characters, but I liked the patience and care the film gives them.

  10. texinthecity's rating of the film Jack and Diane

    saw this at TFF in NYC last month; it's THE worst disappointment of the festival because it tried to be 2 things; the filmmaker self-sabotaged himself because the 2 lead actresses were phenomenal yet the filmmaker without reason, warning, or explanation added the abhorrent horror elements; the best-acted lesbian love story i've seen in ages was RUINED with the gross, weird, disgusting horror elements! Boooo!