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  1. Photo of Jeannot Szwarc

    Jeannot Szwarc Director

  2. Photo of Carl Gottlieb

    Carl Gottlieb Screenplay

  3. Photo of Howard Sackler

    Howard Sackler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Benchley

    Peter Benchley Screenplay and Novel

  5. Photo of Roy Scheider

    Roy Scheider Cast

  6. Photo of Lorraine Gary

    Lorraine Gary Cast

  7. Photo of Murray Hamilton

    Murray Hamilton Cast

  8. Photo of Joseph Mascolo

    Joseph Mascolo Cast

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Kramer

    Jeffrey Kramer Cast

  10. Photo of Donna Wilkes

    Donna Wilkes Cast

  11. Photo of Collin Wilcox

    Collin Wilcox Cast

  12. Photo of Ann Dusenberry

    Ann Dusenberry Cast

  13. Photo of Mark Gruner

    Mark Gruner Cast

  14. Photo of Barry Coe

    Barry Coe Cast

  15. Photo of Gary Dubin

    Gary Dubin Cast

  16. Photo of John Dukakis

    John Dukakis Cast

  17. Photo of G. Thomas Dunlop

    G. Thomas Dunlop Cast

  18. Photo of Marc Gilpin

    Marc Gilpin Cast

  19. Photo of Cynthia Grover

    Cynthia Grover Cast

  20. Photo of Martha Swatek

    Martha Swatek Cast

  21. Photo of Keith Gordon

    Keith Gordon Cast

  22. Photo of Ben Marley

    Ben Marley Cast

  23. Photo of Billy Van Zandt

    Billy Van Zandt Cast

  24. Photo of Gigi Vorgan

    Gigi Vorgan Cast

  25. Photo of Jean Coulter

    Jean Coulter Cast

  26. Photo of Christine Freeman

    Christine Freeman Cast

  27. Photo of Susan French

    Susan French Cast

  28. Photo of Michael C. Butler

    Michael C. Butler Cinematography

  29. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Music

  30. Photo of David Brown

    David Brown Producer

  31. Photo of Richard D. Zanuck

    Richard D. Zanuck Producer

  32. Photo of Steve Potter

    Steve Potter Editing

  33. Photo of Arthur Schmidt

    Arthur Schmidt Editing

  34. Photo of Neil Travis

    Neil Travis Editing