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  1. Photo of Joe Alves

    Joe Alves Director

  2. Photo of Peter Benchley

    Peter Benchley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Guerdon Trueblood

    Guerdon Trueblood Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carl Gottlieb

    Carl Gottlieb Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Matheson

    Richard Matheson Screenplay

  6. Photo of Michael Kane

    Michael Kane Screenplay

  7. Photo of Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid Cast

  8. Photo of Bess Armstrong

    Bess Armstrong Cast

  9. Photo of Simon MacCorkindale

    Simon MacCorkindale Cast

  10. Photo of Louis Gossett Jr.

    Louis Gossett Jr. Cast

  11. Photo of John Putch

    John Putch Cast

  12. Photo of Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson Cast

  13. Photo of P.H. Moriarty

    P.H. Moriarty Cast

  14. Photo of Dan Blasko

    Dan Blasko Cast

  15. Photo of Liz Morris

    Liz Morris Cast

  16. Photo of Chris J. Condon

    Chris J. Condon Cinematography

  17. Photo of James A. Contner

    James A. Contner Cinematography

  18. Photo of George D. Dodge

    George D. Dodge Cinematography

  19. Photo of Austin McKinney

    Austin McKinney Cinematography

  20. Photo of Alan G. Parker

    Alan G. Parker Music

  21. Photo of Rupert Hitzig

    Rupert Hitzig Producer

  22. Photo of Alan Landsburg

    Alan Landsburg Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Corky Ehlers

    Corky Ehlers Editing

  24. Photo of Randy Roberts

    Randy Roberts Editing