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  1. Photo of Francis Xavier Pasion

    Francis Xavier Pasion Director, Editing, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Baron Geisler

    Baron Geisler Cast

  3. Photo of Coco Martin

    Coco Martin Cast

  4. Photo of Flor Salanga

    Flor Salanga Cast

  5. Photo of Angelica Rivera

    Angelica Rivera Cast

  6. Photo of Rjay Payawal

    Rjay Payawal Cast

  7. Photo of J.C. Santos

    J.C. Santos Cast

  8. Photo of Jericho Espiritu

    Jericho Espiritu Cast

  9. Photo of Carlo Mendoza

    Carlo Mendoza Cinematography

  10. Photo of Gian Gianan

    Gian Gianan Music

  11. Photo of Joy Puntawe

    Joy Puntawe Production Design

  12. Photo of Chuck Gutierrez

    Chuck Gutierrez Editing

  13. Photo of Kats Serraon

    Kats Serraon Editing