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  1. Photo of Stephen Chow

    Stephen Chow Director, Executive Producer Producer

  2. Photo of Derek Kwok

    Derek Kwok Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Huo Xin

    Huo Xin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yun Wang

    Yun Wang Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fung Chih-chiang

    Fung Chih-chiang Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lu Zheng-yu

    Lu Zheng-yu Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lee Sheung-ching

    Lee Sheung-ching Screenplay

  8. Photo of Huang Bo

    Huang Bo Cast

  9. Photo of Shu Qi

    Shu Qi Cast

  10. Photo of Wen Zhang

    Wen Zhang Cast

  11. Photo of Luo Show

    Luo Show Cast

  12. Photo of Chrissie Chau

    Chrissie Chau Cast

  13. Photo of Choi Sung Fai

    Choi Sung Fai Cinematography

  14. Photo of Raymond Wong

    Raymond Wong Music

  15. Photo of Bruce Yu

    Bruce Yu Production Design

  16. Photo of Ivy Kong

    Ivy Kong Producer and Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ellen Eliasoph

    Ellen Eliasoph Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Dong Ping

    Dong Ping Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Bill Kong

    Bill Kong Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Wang Zhongjun

    Wang Zhongjun Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Han Sanping

    Han Sanping Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Chan Chi Wai

    Chan Chi Wai Editing