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  1. Photo of Lem Dobbs

    Lem Dobbs Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jeremy Irons

    Jeremy Irons Cast

  3. Photo of Theresa Russell

    Theresa Russell Cast

  4. Photo of Joel Grey

    Joel Grey Cast

  5. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  6. Photo of Jeroen Krabbé

    Jeroen Krabbé Cast

  7. Photo of Armin Mueller-Stahl

    Armin Mueller-Stahl Cast

  8. Photo of Alec Guinness

    Alec Guinness Cast

  9. Photo of Brian Glover

    Brian Glover Cast

  10. Photo of Keith Allen

    Keith Allen Cast

  11. Photo of Simon McBurney

    Simon McBurney Cast

  12. Photo of David Jensen

    David Jensen Cast

  13. Photo of Walt Lloyd

    Walt Lloyd Cinematography

  14. Photo of Cliff Martinez

    Cliff Martinez Music

  15. Photo of Gavin Bocquet

    Gavin Bocquet Production Design

  16. Photo of Harry Benn

    Harry Benn Producer

  17. Photo of Stuart Cornfeld

    Stuart Cornfeld Producer

  18. Photo of Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Barry Levinson

    Barry Levinson Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Paul Rassam

    Paul Rassam Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Steven Soderbergh

    Steven Soderbergh Editing and Director