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  1. Photo of Masaaki Yuasa

    Masaaki Yuasa Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Madhouse

    Madhouse Producer and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Akitoshi Yokoyama

    Akitoshi Yokoyama Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michio Mihara

    Michio Mihara Screenplay and Animation

  5. Photo of Tomoya takahashi

    Tomoya takahashi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nobutake Ito

    Nobutake Ito Production Design and Animation

  7. Photo of Kiyoshi Yoshida

    Kiyoshi Yoshida Music

  8. Photo of Akira Honma

    Akira Honma Animation

  9. Photo of Eun Young Choi

    Eun Young Choi Animation and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jamie Vickers

    Jamie Vickers Animation

  11. Photo of Masahiko Kubo

    Masahiko Kubo Animation

  12. Photo of Ryoutarou Makihara

    Ryoutarou Makihara Animation

  13. Photo of Keiichi Momose

    Keiichi Momose Sound

  14. Photo of Houko Kuwashima

    Houko Kuwashima Cast

  15. Photo of Mamiko Noto

    Mamiko Noto Cast

  16. Photo of Romi Pak

    Romi Pak Cast