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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Kill and Pray

    Mostly bad actors, crude cinematography with many editing errors, a horrible music (with a poor guitar player in action) ineffectively trying to imitate stylistic features of Elmer Bernstein's and Ennio Morricone's scores... but at least an unusual storyline with surprising developments. Not the worst spaghetti western at all, but there are far better works than this one.

  2. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Kill and Pray

    A western that seems to have gone under the radar. Too bad because, in my opinion, it's way better than the westerns shot by Clint Eastwood under Sergio Leone's direction. Why? Simply because Carlo Lizzani had something to say and wasn't only interested in the stylisation of the genre. You have to see Mark Damon playing a Confederate as if he was a nostalghia fan of Dracula to believe it! Masterpiece.

  3. cmuela's rating of the film Kill and Pray

    sounds amazing! i need to watch this.

  4. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Kill and Pray

    While it has notorious flaws, including the main character just forgetting about his sister during the course of the film, and a rather heavy handed political message, Lizzani's camera is always in the right track, and Riz Ortolani's minimalistic score gives this movie a lot of personality. Mark Damon is great playing the vampire-esque bad guy of the film. Also, a rather unusual cameo by Pier Paolo Passolini.