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267 Ratings


Directed by Esen Isik
Switzerland, Turkey, 2015


An ordinary day in the mega-city of Istanbul: Ten-year-old Cemo sells paper tissues in the streets, Hayat is controlled by her husband and transsexual Ebru sells her body. All three have a secret love and they do everything to satisfy their longing, if only for a moment.

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Köpek Directed by Esen Isik

What are people saying?

  • msmichel's rating of the film Köpek

    'I'm afraid of the future' Apt words for a trio of stories set in Istanbul involving a young boy trying to survive; a woman with a jealous prideful husband; and a trans woman looking for love and acceptance. Happy tales they are not but there is a certain honesty and confidence in this first feature from director Esen Isik that is appreciated. Making an impression is Cagla Akalin as the beautiful but troubled Ebru.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Köpek

    10-year-old Children who sell tissue for their family, housewife oppressed by her possessive husband, trans woman with scar of lost & betray, they wander for searching after love. Although the landscape of Istanbul is so beautiful like Paris in Rivette's film & Dir's look to the weak is warm, I think "too dull to like this" BUT LAST 10 MINUTES, WHAT A DEVASTATINGLY HEARTBREAKING HELL I'M DRASTICALLY SHOCKED OH FUCK.

  • Ethan Scott Barnett's rating of the film Köpek

    Important and beautiful film addressing issues of abuse and violence within society.

  • David Richards's rating of the film Köpek

    Tension builds throughout as three alternating stories unfold. You start to realize, half-way in that things could go very badly for all three of the main characters, and they do, and it's much worse than you imagined. You get a sense that Turkey's culture is male-dominated, and that women, children, the trans-gendered and small helpless animals have a rough time. Don't watch if you're depressed.

  • October Sun's rating of the film Köpek

    Textbook example of self-orientalizing. For example, all of the men are trope violent, abusive lunatics just waiting to kill or beat whatever they can get their hands on; be it women, children, or puppies. Basic caricatures of the ruthless, slothful "oriental" that have encumbered Western understanding of places like Turkey since the 19th century presented as "social criticism". What happened to honesty in cinema?

  • The Boreal Chorus's rating of the film Köpek

    Some people’s fates are too dark for words to repair or save; Why are deeply sensitive people doomed to be crushed under the weight of those around them who cannot feel the weight of so much hurt? Köpek in Turkish means “dog.” It’s a bit too slow and yet a bit too neatly and quickly resolved at the end. Though sometimes life is like that. The slow burn of violence in the hands of those who need to rule or dominate.

  • Samuel Wells's rating of the film Köpek

    This film reminds me of Crash, and not in a good way. The messages delivered in the film, though important, come off as too sentimental for my tastes. Things never quite added up for me. I liked the concept coming into the film, but it wore thin quickly. The world never felt fully believable.

  • catweinz's rating of the film Köpek

    3 histoires parallèles qui composent le film avec brio. La question de l'amour ( un enfant de 10 ans, une femme mariée, un travesti) Violence (et tendresse, entre les lignes) de la culture turque.

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