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La Pointe Courte

Directed by Agnès Varda
France, 1955


A penetrating study of a marriage on the rocks, set against the backdrop of a small Mediterranean fishing village. Both a stylized depiction of the complicated relationship between a married couple and a documentary-like look at the daily struggles of the inhabitants of Sète in the South of France.

Our take

Made independently, with no backing and no budget, Agnes Varda was just 26 when she wrote & directed this stark, precocious relationship drama, approaching various themes she would later develop further in Le bonheur. An inspiring first impression of a now-legendary filmmaker.

La Pointe Courte Directed by Agnès Varda

Critics reviews

Despite the fact that Varda was inspired by a literary work, the film is startlingly cinematic, relying wholly on the visual as a source of meaning. Its script is not “wordy,” even though some of its most beautiful scenes borrow colorful phrases and dialogue directly from the locals (in one, an older woman talks about her life, and exclaims that she has already “shit out half of it”). The film is deliberately composed, and Varda demonstrates early on her intentionality and control of the frame.
September 22, 2016
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How unusual to see a woman’s perspective on love presented so plainly as Varda does in La Pointe Courte. Released in 1955, the film is radical in its deconstruction of feminine desire and ennui.
May 30, 2016
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