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  1. William-Chen-9832's rating of the film Le doulos

  2. michael's rating of the film Le doulos

    but surprisingly this wasn't much of a problem, as, despite me not really knowing what was going on, i was happy to watch everything play out, as le doulos is a very sexy film! i mean COMMON, you really think I'm going to turn down a high contrast black and white film, set in Paris, with a jazz score, trench coats and belmondo? well, think again!

  3. juliana braka's rating of the film Le doulos

  4. Dalenberg's rating of the film Le doulos

    All style, little substance. The Nouvelle Vague directors showed their love of American film noir, and their films are a joy to watch, but they rarely equal their American role models, except in flashes. Still, you can’t go wrong watching these for the ambience, and in the case of “Le doulos,” Jean-Paul Belmondo in his prime.

  5. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Le doulos

  6. generallaurodelvillar's rating of the film Le doulos

    Whats cinema, this is cinema. At its best

  7. Matt Trahan's rating of the film Le doulos

    There Melville goes again, blurring that moral line and making your investment and empathy the paramount focus.

  8. Nick Potter's rating of the film Le doulos

    Not enough people talk about Melville and Belmondo as a film duo and that's a crime.

  9. Ivan Kornea's rating of the film Le doulos

  10. Patrick's rating of the film Le doulos

    Great surprises and twists within - classic morality tale about the deleterious effects of vengeance.

  11. Alice Blackwood's rating of the film Le doulos

    I know this is shameful but, try as I may, I can't help finding film noir films tedious and hard to follow. I guess I would be a terrible gangster, as the constant shifts in who's backstabbing whom just leave me lost and bored. I admit the film had a cool atmosphere, and there were some interesting plot twists, but my attention wandered and even Belmondo's smoldering looks couldn't rein it in.

  12. XP's rating of the film Le doulos

    The dual focus becomes a centrifugal force for the plot. Might be better (or at least make more sense) if there were more interaction between Belmondo and Reggiani. But maybe that's the whole point of this film? The climactic scene certainly makes clear the doppelganger motif while concluding the theme of friendship/honor as a twisted, fateful, and macabre tale. (also, what's with Fabienne's chinoiserie?)

  13. Ömer Kazancı's rating of the film Le doulos

    3.5/5. Sure, the main actors are great. Opening and ending scenes are beautifully shot. The story turns out to be interesting as it approaches the end. However, dialogues were not captivating. Most of the times, they sounded awkward and unnecessary. Plus, I found the useless misogyny in the film distressing.

  14. Özkan Çınar's rating of the film Le doulos

    C’etait extraordinaire...Merci...

  15. chris's rating of the film Le doulos

    watched this on the recommendation of CinemaTyler and wasn't dissapointed. excellent noir film and really makes me long for more Melville.

  16. Gallus's rating of the film Le doulos

    3.5 - I get its influence, from Tarantino to French cinema in general, but it is too long especially it’s second act. And the best parts on the movie are on its last twenty minutes, where we see many plot twists in the film be shown. The performances are subtle yet engaging and believable. The writing is decent, but there are better noir films out there.

  17. Cassius's rating of the film Le doulos

    It`s very good, but exactly like most Melville films, in the end it seems to lack something to truly have an impact on you that can last for a long time.

  18. PAIGE VERMEULEN's rating of the film Le doulos

    If you are into realistic movies, skip this one. I feel as though a PG rated crime book has been made into a movie on an extremely low budget. No expression form the actors, though it could be because they are French.

  19. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Le doulos

  20. Michael Epps's rating of the film Le doulos

    One of the most atmospheric noir films I've ever seen. Melville absolutely nails it. Great casting all around, and Belmondo just smolders in every scene he's in. Even in the one where he ruthlessly (and needlessly) beats up the blonde.

  21. Loz Loory's rating of the film Le doulos

    Belmondo's looks carry this film. Otherwise it's a snooze. Starts off well-paced, but after the botched robbery, it wanders all over. Unnecessary recap shots mean the audience is very ahead of the action. Terribly sadistic treatment of the blonde is a big turn-off. The men gradually become less and less interesting (or even identifiable) to the point where it doesn't really matter who is getting killed anymore.

  22. Bora's rating of the film Le doulos

    Olağanüstü ve ilham verici

  23. Deniz.ipek's rating of the film Le doulos

    Filmin adı şapkalı adam aslında isminin öyle çevirilmesi iyi olmamış. Güzeldi

  24. Joshua's rating of the film Le doulos

    Fabienne , I won’t come this evening .

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