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The Park

Le parc

Directed by Damien Manivel
France, 2016
  • French
  • English


Summertime. A teenage boy and girl have their first date in a park. Hesitant and shy at first, they soon discover each other, get closer as they wander, and end up falling in love. But as the sun goes down, it is time to part… and a dark night begins.

Our take

A minimalist romance charting an entire teenage relationship over the course of a day, by night things turn phantasmagoric. The second film by emerging French director Damien Manivel.

The Park Directed by Damien Manivel
Manivel has a sly, understated control over this walk through the park, but there’s more on his mind than the awkward courtship of two mumbling teens. When the girl shows the boy a photo on her phone, Manivel displays it onscreen so we can see what they’re seeing. It’s a brief, lo-fi interruption of the action, but also a small act signaling a sort of break. There’s a growing energy between the two adolescents and beyond, and it comes to be the film’s dominant force.
February 13, 2017
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It’s a film of extreme simplicity – or rather, in its establishing of a quiet, uncluttered space in which thought can breathe, it is one of those apparently simple films that produce an extraordinarily rich proliferation of meaning.
February 03, 2017
Modest in scope, yet not without its own peculiar ambition, Damien Manivel’s Le parc is the kind of film that feels not just out of place in the current cinematic landscape, but out of time as well.
February 10, 2017
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