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  1. eberhard's rating of the film Léa

  2. bulgrin's rating of the film Léa

    A film about loneliness and despair, about age and transience, about neglection and self-awareness, and also about love. Often told but still interesting. Azoulay's acting makes it a nice watch, and the overall composition lifts it upon average.

  3. Jaco's rating of the film Léa

    Derjenige, der den albernen deutschen Bahnhofskinotitel bedacht hat, hat wahrscheinlich nur Léa's Brüste im Blick gehabt. Léa bietet aber mehr: ein Film über Eros und Thanatos, über Fürsorge, Liebe, Alter, Einsamkeit, Verzweiflung, Auflösung und Hoffnung. Dazu gut komponiert, mit tollen Darstellern. Und natürlich, Léa ist eine wunderbare Frau. Daher für das Ganze: 5 Sterne.

  4. Amapola's rating of the film Léa

  5. Lucii Lugo's rating of the film Léa

    Una burda exploración de la humanidad y un vago e incierto retrato de la mujer. Muy mal desarrollo del personaje principal y sus motivaciones internas; un gran desperdicio. Bella fotografía opacada por una mala narrativa y una historia sin fundamento con un muy pobre argumento.

  6. Adolfo Sierra's rating of the film Léa

    Buena, aunque el conflicto está un poco forzado hacia el final.

  7. Zepo's rating of the film Léa

    Historias paralelas. Una mujer que por necesidad o por autoestima se va desinhibe en el mundo del "table" y otra (la abuela) que se va degradando en una enfermedad. Interesante. Bien Actuada

  8. Fernando Arteaga Cabello's rating of the film Léa

    Una película bien realizada, típico cine Frances, uno puede llegar a sentir la depresión y frustración de la protagonista.

  9. jacbruneau's rating of the film Léa

    Pure waste of time. Just another film by a man under-representing the complexity of a female protagonist. No different than Young and Beautiful or Nymphomaniac in that we gain no sense of who she is. Without proper character development, we are not inclined to CARE about what happens. Especially with a topic as rich and complex as sex work, this movie fails HARD to add anything new to the conversation. Do not watch.

  10. Buddy Love's rating of the film Léa

    Girl gets into the stripping business and of course goes crazy being somewhat off center to begin with. Her beloved grandmother suffering from dementia was probably the saner of the two.

  11. marabou's rating of the film Léa

    je découvre anne azoulay, elle est brillante, je l'ai adoré.

  12. msmichel's rating of the film Léa

    Desptie a quite grand performance by Anne Azoulay film falls a little flat mostly due to script problems with motivation. Lea seems to be a strong character able to put her future above her travails. When she starts to unravel after seemingly somewhat achieving what she set out for one can't help but wonder why. Rolland's directorial debut hints at promise of future triumph however and Azoulay one to watch for.

  13. Holger Nord's rating of the film Léa

    What density and what an actress - for some it takes a life time to taste one's own tears! On a sde note: Would love to find out whose music they used!!!

  14. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Léa

  15. anthonybowman's rating of the film Léa

    What a haunting film. So sad and so beautiful. And yes, so erotic as well. The colors are fantastic and Anne Azoulay is brilliant as the title character.